ESB eBikes

How does it work?

ESB eBikes are pedal-assist electric bicycles, available for public hire. The ESB eBikes operated by MOBY can be accessed via the ESB eBikes App on iOS & Android smartphones. ESB eBikes are available to hire on a per day basis. The ride costs are €3 /day for subscription customers, or €1 to unlock & €0.15c /minute for PAYG customers. ESB eBikes must be returned to their original docking station by midnight on day of rental.



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Return Bike to Original Station Before 00:00 & End Trip in App

ESB eBikes

Getting Started

Download the ESB App from the App Store or Google Play

Register your account,  add payment details,  choose your pass and  reserve your bike. Then scan, unlock, go!

ESB eBikes

Where to find ESB eBikes?

ESB eBikes

Reserving an eBike

To use the ESB eBikes you must first reserve a bike at a selected station.  You can do so before you get there to ensure you can complete your journey by bike. Reserving makes it easy to plan your trip in advance.

ESB eBikes

Unlocking ESB eBikes

Once your reservation is made. Go to the selected station and tap ‘UNLOCK’  in the app. The docking station releases the ESB eBike and you may start your journey. Remember you must return the bike to the station from which you took the bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read before signing up and contact for further info

Register, Book & Pay

  • You can rent a bike on arrival at a station but our advice is to register and book in advance to avoid any wait time.
  • The app will find the closest eHub to you and prompt you to book.
  • Chose the date, a payment plan and enter your payment details.
  • You will need to return the bike back to the same station by midnight.


Unlock and Start

  • When you arrive at the eHub the app will direct you to your designated bike number.
  • After the bike is unlocked you can pull it away from the charging station.  Make sure to release the kickstand if it is in use.

Pause and Secure

  • If you’re taking a break for a few hours you will need to “Pause” your journey on the app. Please park and lock the bike at a suitable and safe location during your rental.

Dock, Lock and End

  • To end your rental, push the front wheel into the station and follow the instructions on the app or on the bike on how to successfully end the journey.
  • Take a photo of the bike showing it is securely locked.
  • Return your ESB eBike back to the station you started from. The app will not allow you to end your journey at a different station.
  • The ESB eBike must be back by midnight.


What are the price plan options? 

There are two price plans available: Monthly Subscription  & Pay As You Go (PAYG). For frequent users, the €15/Month membership offers a discounted daily rate of €3 each day you use a bike, with no deposit payment. PAYG is €1 to unlock and €0.15c /minute to ride, with a €10 deposit payment on each ride and a maximum charge of €10 per day.

How can I pay for ESB eBikes? 

You can pay with any debit or credit cards from Visa or Mastercard. Payments are made directly through Stripe in the ESB eBikes app if using a Moby station. All information is processed and stored in compliance with GDPR.

How can I view my usage? 

As a registered customer, you can view your past journey details and usage frequency on the ‘My Trips History’ section of the ESB eBike app.

How can I change my account and payment details?

You can edit your details on the ‘My Account’ section of the ESB eBike app.


You are responsible for your own safety when using an ESB eBike. You are not insured by ESB to use ESB eBikes and you do so at your own risk. Please follow these helpful tips to make for a safer eBike experience.

  • Respect other road users
  • Always be patient with other road users and treat them with respect
  • Always obey the rules of the road
  • Obey road traffic signs and signals.
  • Use hand signals
  • Make your intentions clear to other road users

Check your bike

You should always check your bike before a cycle. Our partners carry out regular maintenance on the bikes however if you find any issues with the bike, contact the relevant customer service team. Following this, please select a different bike to ride.

Seat: Adjust the seat by releasing the seat clamp, raising or lowering the seat to a comfortable riding height, and resecuring the clamp.

Air pressure: Test the air pressure of the tyre and squeeze it with your hand. If a tyre flattens under pressure, select another bike.

Brakes: Squeeze the brakes before you ride. If you don’t feel any resistance, select a different bike.

Wheels: Give each wheel a spin to check that they spin freely.

Do I have to wear a helmet while using an ESB eBike?

While it is not mandatory to wear a helmet using an ESB eBike, we recommend that you do so for your own safety.