A monthly ebike subscription service from MOBY that lets you ride like it’s your own bike. We offer all the perks of owning an electric bike but none of the worries or hassle. The MOBY Team keep your bike on the road. If something goes wrong, we’ll swap out your bike or service it on the spot. Sign up now and we'll deliver your electric bike within a few days to anywhere within Dublin


Sign up to our €79 monthly ebike plan via the simple signup form & pay a €100 refundable security deposit.

Free Delivery

We'll drop the bike to you within Dublin free of charge or collect it from us in Glasnevin

Bike Problems?

We'll take care of servicing and keep you on the road, repairing or replacing if needed.

Fixed Duration

We'll come get the bike when your subscription period is up, no fuss, no cost of ownership.

Sign up to MOBY+ and get an ebike that's yours full-time, plus a lock and free maintenance anytime you need it! (MOBY+ range and price offer not applicaple to delivery riders, who must sign up to our MOBY Pro plan)

Why choose MOBY+

No dent in your wallet

Buying an electric bike is expensive. With a MOBY+ subscription you get all the advantages of owning an electric bike without the big upfront cost.

Peace of mind

Worried about servicing? Don't be, your subscription comes with free scheduled maintenance.

Total flexibility

We don't tie you in to long contracts like financing arrangements or cycle to work schemes will. Choose your perfered subscription duration on sign up.

Best way to travel in the city

Lower monthly cost than Dublin Bus or Luas. But also greener, healthier and more enjoyable to travel on!

Per month

Leap Card travel on Bus or Luas €40 per week, capped at €160 per month.

Per month

Moby+ Electric Bike Subscription: €79 per month on a 12 month plan



Our Step Through and City Bikes models are electric bikes designed for both the everyday city commuter and leisure cyclist with an easy step through design and an emphasis on comfort. The sitting position takes all the pressure off your arms and shoulders while the large padded saddle soaks up any bumps in the road. The 250W brushless motor has plenty of power and will push the bike to the maximum legal speed of 25 KM, while the 36V Samsung battery can achieve up to 70km on a full charge, getting you where you need to go in comfort and at speed.

Max Speed 25km/h
Range 70km(avg)
Battery SAMSUNG 36V/10.4Ah Lithium battery, LCD panel
Motor Brushless 36V/250W
Dimension 185x25.5x102cm
Weight 25.9kg
Frame 700Cx38C
Wheels 700Cx13Gx36H, puncture free
Fork 1-1/8", suspension
Handlebar Holland style, with adjustable stem
Brake Set Front PROMAX, SHIMANO rear coaster brake
Gear Set SHIMANO NEXUS 7-speed


Here are a few of your most common questions, or chat with us on messanger if you'd like to know more

How do I order a Moby Bike?

You must order online, we are based in Glasnevin. On the DCU Aplha Innovation Campus however orders must be placed online and we cannot accept orders at our workshop.

Where can I ride my bike?

If you subscribe and sign up for MOBY+ or MOBY+ PRO the bike yours, to keep, to bring home, to 'own' as if its yours. There are no limits to where you can bring it (except places like the beach & extreme off-roading of course). We are however for now only offering ebikes to people in Dublin, we hope to expand nationwide in the coming months.

What is the minimum contract duration?

If you plan to buy an ebike in the future, or just want to try the service we offer short term contracts of 1/3/6 months. Our 12 month annual contract offer the best value.

What happens if my bicycle is stolen?

You must lock and store the bike securely at all times in a responsible manner as if it was your own bike. We provide you with a very secure lock and guidelines on how to lock safely. Some of the bikes are GPS tracked but this doesn’t guarantee they will be recovered. In the event of the loss or theft of the Bicycle and/or the battery, you are obliged to report this to MOBY Bikes within 24 hours. Depending on the circumstances of loss or damage or the bike is unrecoverable, you will be fined 600 EUR if you are a MOBY+ Customer. Your deposit will be considered the first €100 of any cost owed. It is your duty to return all the accessories of the bike (Battery/Keys/Lock/Cable/Charger) remaining with you after the bike got stolen, to MOBY Bikes within one week of reporting to us regarding the stolen bike. Please note that failure to return the accessories will be subject to an additional penalty of 200 EUR if you are a MOBY+ Customer.

What happens if my bicycle breaks down?

We'll fix or replace it. We've a team of mechanics and operations staff already on the ground in Dublin city maintaining our fleet for MOBY MOVE, If your bike breaks down our promise is to have you on the road again within 24 hours either buy fixing your bike or replacing it

What about wear & tear?

Normal wear & tear is expected, and will be accessed in accordance with your subscription duration. If scratches, small damage and wear & tear, exceed with that which would be normally expected, this will be determined by our head mechanic and deducted from your security deposit.

How do I charge the my electric bike?

The MOBY+ & MOBY+ PRO ebikes are yours to keep for the duration of the contract. That means the bike is yours, and your responsibility. That means when you collect your bike you'll be provided with a charger that comes with the bike. You should store the bike safely and securely under lock and key in your home. When your battery is low, you simply plug in the charger in your home and plug the bike into the charger!

Why should I choose MOBY+

Because electric bikes are very expensive! With MOBY+ you don't need to spend €2,000 on an electric bike and you don't need to worry about loosing €2000 euro if the bike is stolen. We also replace the bike if it there is any maintenance or repair needed. Lastly if technology changes in the future you can simply get the latest new ebike without having to buy again. You simply have to look after the bike like you own it, ride it safely, store and lock it securely, and pay one simple monthly fee!

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